Amelia Sposa 2016 Wedding Dresses – Part 3

Happy Thursday!! Italian design house Amelia Sposa, has taken the wedding world by storm with it’s bridal fashion filled with romantic lace and bits of vintage loveliness… It’s no secret we are BIG fans of Amelia’s design style (see my previous features on Amelia Sposa 2014 Collection and Amelia Sposa 2015 Collection)… Just love it!
So today I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing an exciting second look at Amelia Sposa 2016 Bridal line (see Pat 1 here) with you all! I can only describe these gowns as the perfect princess-like collection with timeless styles that will enhance an ethereal look that will live on forever. Spend some time drooling over these frothy creations in the full gallery—we know we did!

amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-10 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-12 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-15 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-24 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-41 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-71 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-m2-pg_ amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016n3 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016n4 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-o1 m7 m31


Amelia Sposa 2016 Wedding Dresses – Part 2

Happy Thursday!! Italian design house Amelia Sposa, has taken the wedding world by storm with it’s bridal fashion filled with romantic lace and bits of vintage loveliness… It’s no secret we are BIG fans of Amelia’s design style (see my previous features on Amelia Sposa 2014 Collection and Amelia Sposa 2015 Collection)… Just love it!
So today I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing an exciting second look at Amelia Sposa 2016 Bridal line (see Pat 1 here) with you all! I can only describe these gowns as the perfect princess-like collection with timeless styles that will enhance an ethereal look that will live on forever. Spend some time drooling over these frothy creations in the full gallery—we know we did!

amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-19 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-45 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-46 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-51 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016o

Amelia Sposa 2016 Wedding Dresses – Part 1

Happy Thursday!! Italian design house Amelia Sposa, has taken the wedding world by storm with it’s bridal fashion filled with romantic lace and bits of vintage loveliness… It’s no secret we are BIG fans of Amelia’s design style (see my previous features on Amelia Sposa 2014 Collection and Amelia Sposa 2015 Collection)… Just love it!
So today I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing an exciting second look at Amelia Sposa 2016 Bridal line (see Pat 1 here) with you all! I can only describe these gowns as the perfect princess-like collection with timeless styles that will enhance an ethereal look that will live on forever. Spend some time drooling over these frothy creations in the full gallery—we know we did!

amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-8 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-11 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-13 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016-31 amelia-sposa-wedding-dress-2016n

23 Christmas Makeup Ideas to Copy This Season

Your makeup is just as important as your outfit, gifts, and the Christmas dinner on the big day itself, so get it right the first time. We’ve brought you plenty of inspiration with these Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season!

Pull up a chair, get your makeup bag ready, and perch yourself in front of a mirror. It’s time for us to start playing around in your makeup box!

1. Gold Glitter Eyes + Red Lips

When it comes to Christmas, you can’t get a more iconic look than red lips and gold glitter eyes – two of the biggest shades associated with the festive season.


To achieve this brilliant eye makeup look, you’ll need to start with a primer – this is important to make sure your eye makeup doesn’t move at all. Glitter has a habit of getting everywhere, so make sure you apply / hold a piece of tissue underneath the eye so you can mop up any spills. You could also consider putting translucent powder down, and then brushing it all away, with the excess glitter, when you’re all done.


Eyes: Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Frappe (crease and lower lash line) and In the Spotlight (inner corner), ABH eyeshadow in Hot Chocolate (crease), ABH Self-Made Palette; shade Selfmade (lid), and MAC Gold Glitter.

Lips: MAC Diva

2. Dramatic Smokey Eye

The smokey eye look is a favourite among the festive season, because it goes with practically every party outfit you could think of. The one thing we don’t appreciate, however, is removing the smokey eye makeup the next morning … because you know we won’t remember to do it before we go to sleep that night!


Here’s a great tip if you’re having a hard time removing old makeup, and it’s super good for your face too! Coconut oil is not only a great makeup remover when used with a cotton wool ball or pad, but it also nourishes and hydrates your face, all at the same time!

Products used: Monarch Palette by Kat Von D, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (waterline) Anastasia Beverly Hills SO Hollywood Illuminator (inner corner).
3. Dark Green Eyes

Green is a very brave old shade to wear in makeup, but it’s totally achievable once you know how to rock it properly. You need to know the right green shade to wear for both your skin tone and hair colour, and you also need to know how to apply it properly so that it packs the maximum impact.


You should start with your eyes when going for a bold shade like these dark green eyes – leave the foundation and everything else until you’ve finished. The brows and eyes are going to be the most eye-catching part of this look, so start with them and then mute the rest of your makeup regime down to match / highlight the green shades, not clash with them.

Link for the tutorial – Metallic Green Smokey Eye

Eyes: Makeup Geek eyeshadows – Bake Sale, Cabin Fever and Epic.
4. Festive Green and Gold Look

And if you’re not bold or brave enough to go for a solid green eyelid, how about green eyeliner? We love the way it’s been teamed with the gold pop here, bringing the two festive shades together. If it’s Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season you’re on the hunt for, you could do a lot worse than this.


Here’s a great tip if you don’t have a green eyeliner to hand, and let’s face it, who does? You can use a regular eyeshadow as eyeliner with a small lid filled with water, and your regular green eyeshadow. Dip the brush in the water, brush the excess moisture off, and then dip in the green eyeshadow, applying and building up as you would with regular eyeliner. You may find that you need a couple of layers to get that green pigment through, but you can achieve exactly the same look as a liquid eyeliner.

Eyes: Too Faced Christmas Tree, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania, MAC Heirloom Mix, and Amrezy Palette LBD & Morocco.

Lips: NYX Big Cherry

5. Dark Gold Eyes + Dark Lips

It’s hard work wearing big eye makeup and big lips at the same time, but this gold and dark red combo shows you how to do it the right way.


The eyes, although packed with shimmer and shine, are quite muted, leaving the big red lips to do the job they were intended to do. That tiny hint of white / pale shimmer on the inside corner of your eyes really help to open them up to, and it works with the gold eyelid shade!

Link for the tutorial – Gold Eyes & Dark Lips

6. Glitter Cut Crease

The cut crease is such a hard look to achieve at home, especially if you’ve never practiced it before. The one tip we would definitely give to you is practice, practice, practice!


Work on the cut crease first, and then clean it up afterwards if necessary. Trying to achieve the nude eyelid, and then adding the darker or brighter cut crease later, is much harder to achieve.

Eyes: ABH Master Palette by Mario, StarCrushed Minerals eyeshadow in Ice Queen (inner corner), EuniqueBeauty Glitter.

Lips: Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Unicorn Blood.

7. Brown Smokey Eye + Glitter Eyeliner

If you don’t want to go for a traditional black smokey eye, how about a brown one instead? With the right shades blended together, the look is just as popping, but it’s much easier to wear than the harsh black and dark grey tones that you’d normally find.


You can use the brown hues from your highlighter and contour palette if you don’t have the right tools for the job. We’ve managed to recreate an entire brown smokey eye look just with that one contour palette alone and a big fluffy blending brush.

Mini tutorial for the look – Brown Smokey Eye

Products used: Lime Crime Venus Palette, Vivienne Sabo gel liner, NYX Eyebrow Clear Gel, and Makeup Forever glitter (#11).

8. Gold Eyes + Nude Lips

To get the right nude lips, you should first start by making sure you have good condition lips. Use a lip exfoliator first, and you could even use a homemade sugar scrub with a soft toothbrush to brush those dead skin cells away first.


Then apply your balm, and give it plenty of time to soak in while you do the rest of your makeup regime, and then at the end, use a lip liner first to “overline” them slightly – this is what gives them that fuller appearance. Once you’ve added your nude lip shade, and then the gloss (if you want it) over the top, dab a touch of highlighter to the centre of your bottom lip to make it light-reflecting and appear bigger.

Eyes: ABH Master Palette by Mario,  Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo Eldora (lid).

Lips: MAC Stripdown lip pencil, Peach Stock lipstick and Oyster Girl lip gloss.

9. Black Glittery Smokey Eye

For a real difference this party season, don’t just settle for a plain old smokey eye – add a touch of glitter! It instantly brightens things up, and can also stop from you looking too “gothic” if your smokey eye has come out much more smokey than you’d first anticipated.


If you want easy Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season, add a touch of glitter. It doesn’t matter what colour or shade you’ve used for your smokey eye – brown, black, charcoal greys, or even colour such as greens and blues, they instantly look more festive with a touch of glitter!

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10. Matte Plum Lips

If you want to wear darker shades of lipstick, and wear them well, you should keep your darker shades for the evening, or big events. Wearing a really rich plum look to the office during the day might be a bit much, unless you keep the rest of your makeup relatively nude and subtle.


If you don’t know what shade of dark lipstick to wear for your light-eyes, a burgundy with a hint of pink about it would be just right, and darker eyes can opt for something with a brown tone.

Eyes: ABH Master Palette by Mario, and ABH eyeshadow in Noir, NYX glitter in Gold Dust.

Lips: Lip Fanatic matte liquid lipstick in Special.
11. Silver Glitter Liner + Red Lips

For a really sparkly way to revamp your makeup for this festive season, grab your silver liner, and buy yourself a small pop of silver glitter too.
Black and Silver Glitter Liner Makeup Idea


Once you’ve added your traditional black eyeliner, give it a little something extra by outlining the edge of it with your silver liner, applying the tiniest amount of glitter sparkle just to bring it to life. Simple, effective, and perfect for Christmas!

Lips: MAC lipstick in Como La Flor (Selena collection).
12. Emerald Smokey Eye

This dark green smokey eye has been cleverly blended with a darker brown shade in the eye socket, and this is a really simple addition if you’ve never tried it before. It’s a look used by older women to help them look more youthful.
Dark Green Smokey Eye Look for Christmas


Once you’ve applied your green shade all over the eyeshadow, use your big fluffy blending brush again to blend some of the darker brown shade into the socket, blending carefully the green into the brown. You don’t want to cover one colour with another, it’s all about the blending.

Products used: Morphe 35N palette, ABH eyeshadows in Emerald and Rich Velvet, Makeup Geek Utopia pigment, Urban Decay eyeshadows in Cosmic and Virgin.
13. This Look Screams ‘Festive’!

If you invest in just one piece of makeup equipment this year, let it be highlighter. A highlighter has the capacity to completely transform your face, and your makeup look, with just a simple swish.
Festive Makeup Idea for Christmas


Applied to the top of the cheekbones, you’ll look younger and more alert because of the light reflecting properties, and you can even help to re-shape your nose by adding some to the centre, and then the tip. It’s one of those beauty products you just can’t live without, and is definitely essential for creating Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season just like this one.

Eyes: ABH eyeshadows in Aubergine (outer corner), Henna (lid), Intense Glaze and Party Dress (crease), and Peacock (lower lash line).

Lips: Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Ruby Slipper + Inglot pigment in 82 on top.
14. Gold and Brown Eyes

What goes better with gold than brown? Especially when you want a subtle but festive Christmas look, that doesn’t use to many shades or products. It’s simple a case of blending the gold (inner corner of the eye) to the darker brown shade (outer corner of the eye and eye socket).
Gold and Brown Eye Makeup Idea for Christmas


One great tip that we learned was to practice blending on your hand first, before you move it onto your eye. It’s one of those practice makes perfect situations.

Products used: Flaming Love Palette by Makeup Addiction Cosmetics & NYX Matte Black Liquid Liner.
15. Holiday Party Look

If you struggle to apply your false lashes, like so many of us do, here’s a clever tip that’ll make life a lot easier. Before you apply your lashes, you may find that they’re a tad too straight, making them super difficult to apply. If you wrap the lashes around a makeup brush, or even your thumb, for a moment, they will take on a more curved look, and they’ll be easier to apply to your curved eyelids.
Christmas Makeup Idea for a Holiday Party


These dramatic Christmas makeup looks wouldn’t be complete without falsies, and hopefully that little trick will help you apply yours quicker!

Eyes: Motives Cosmetics Gem Sparkles in Citrine.

Lips: Liquid Maven Mattes liquid lipstick in Rust N Roll.
16. Matte Eyes and Lips

If you want to achieve a look as glamorous as this, you’re going to need to learn how to blend your eyeshadow, and the easiest way to start doing this is to practice blending two shades together on your hand or arm first.
Matte Brown Eye Makeup Look for a Christmas Party


When working with deeper, matte shades such as the Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season you can see here, it’s best to start with a little eyeshadow, and build your way up. It’s easier to apply more as and when you need it than it is to take it away once it’s already on your face.

Here is a link for the tutorial – Matte Cranberry Makeup.
17. Matte Brown Eyes with a Pop of Gold

And if you love the colour brown, but you want a brand new way to wear it than the plain browns, nudes and neutral shades that you’re using to blending the shade with, how about gold? It doesn’t take a look to complete transform the look, as you can see from this clever makeup idea.
Matte Brown Smokey Eye with a Pop of Gold


Just a hint of gold in the inner corner of the eye is enough to not only open the eye up and make it appear brighter and wider, but also adds a shimmer to the occasion. Perfect for Christmas festivities if you ask us!

Products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette in shades Morocco (crease) and Fudge (lid).
18. Makeup Look for Blue Eyes

Gold looks great with blue eyes, but there are a few shades you could experiment with if this yellow-gold hue isn’t quite to your liking. Rust / terracotta shades are also great for those big baby blues, and you could also add a pink / purple hue in with your gold too.
Christmas Makeup Idea for Blue Eyes


There are lots of shades to experiment with, so perhaps its about time you started? Take one of the looks you can see here as inspiration, and then make it your own – adding your own shades and hues, and even glimmer finishes if you like.

Eyes: Crease eyeshadows – ABH Noir, Hot Chocolate, Red Earth, Fawn, Orange Soda and Soft Peach; Lid eyeshadows – ABH in Peach Sorbet and Amber; Inner corner – ABH in Gold Rush; StarCrushed Minerals glitter in Golden Ticket.

Lips: MAC lipstick in Sin.
19. Gold Glitter Eyes + Light Pink Lips

In order to get big, plump lips like these light pink lovelies, how about investing in a good plumping lip product? A primer helps to keep the look in check throughout the day, but a good glossy top coat with plumping properties could give you the pout you’d always wanted.
Elegant Gold Glitter Makeup Idea for Christmas


If you don’t like the feeling of plumping lip glosses (they’re often rather tingly), you could try a light-reflecting trick instead. A touch of a light, shimmery eyeshadow applied to the centre of the bottom lip will make it appear bigger, and you could also look at adding a touch of highlight to your cupids bow too.

Eyes: Makeup Geek eyeshadows

Lips: Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in Retro Coral and Milkshake.
20. Green & Brown

Beautiful, neutral shades, you might not have thought about putting green and brown together for your Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season, but as you can see, they are two shades that work together perfectly … when they have been properly blended.
Green Christmas Makeup Look


If you want to become a pro at eyeshadow blending, work with the crease you’ve already got. Use your brush in the hollow at the top of your eyelid, just as it reaches the outer part of the socket, and use your natural lines and contours. Start from the outer corner and sweep the brush in, using light ‘fluffing’ motions. With the right brush, and the right technique, your eyeshadow will be blended like a pro in no time at all.

Products used: Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette and Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour palette.
21. Classic Festive Makeup Look

How about a classically festive look? Gold eyes, plenty of liquid eyeliner, and a pop of red matte lips to finish it all off. It’s so classic, and so very glamorous too, so you can understand why it makes to the list of Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season!
Classic Festive Makeup Look for Christmas


If you struggle to keep your hands steady when applying eyelashes, which are clearly essential for this wowing look, keep your elbows on a flat surface and look down into your mirror. This can help to stop the shaking that often happens when you’re trying to concentrate on getting them just-so, and stability is always important for a vital part of the makeup look such as this one.

Eyes: ABH single eyeshadows in Orange Soda, Sienna, Noir and Amber.

Lips: Beauty Bakerie Makeup in Cranberry Stiletto Lip Whip.
22. Gold Eyes + Purple Lips

How do you feel about a dark purple / plum shade on the lips? It can be quite daunting to wear a really deep or rich shade, especially if this is your first time, but one thing that can definitely help is a chat with your local drug store or makeup supplier.
Gold Eyes and Purple Lips Christmas Makeup Idea


The people who are selling you makeup often know more than you think they do, so why not ask their opinion on which shade of deep, rich lipstick you should buy? Alternatively, do some research to see what works with your skin tone and hair colour, and try to match it from there. Not all shades will suit everybody, and it’s just a case of working out which one is the most likely to be flattering for you.

Eyes: Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Cocoa Bear and Bitten (transition colors), Motives Cosmetics eyeshadows in Illusion, Antique Gold (inner corner and eyelid), and Tiramisu (outer corner), Violet Voss Glitter Goldie (mobile eyelid).

Lips: ABH lip gloss in Black Cherry.
23. Simple Christmas Makeup

If you really struggle to get your eyeliner on point, stop stressing out about it. The more you stress, the higher the chances you’ll screw it up, and that’ll just stress you out even more.
Simple Festive Makeup Idea


Work from the flick inwards – create the flick, and then use the natural sweeping motion of your hand to carry the flick on right over the eyelid, and to the inner corner. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube with lots of different ways to get your eyeliner right, and we’d suggest taking a peek. Just because you can’t get along with one method, doesn’t mean you won’t ever find one that works for you.

Eyes: Too Faced The Power of Makeup Palette by Nikkie Tutorials, Violet Voss glitter in Don’t Leaf Me.

Lips: ABH liquid lipstick in Vamp.

We hope that you’ve found plenty of Christmas makeup ideas to copy this season, but remember to play around – you might just come up with a beautiful makeup combo that no one else has! It’s always good to be a little trendsetter!


The Best E.L.F. Makeup Brushes for Beauty-Lovers on a Budget

E.L.F. makeup brushes are a beauty hoarder’s dream come true. Makeup brushes are a staple to any woman’s beauty arsenal; but, they can be expensive. E.L.F. makeup brushes are an exception to that rule. One might even argue that they’re of the best cheap makeup brushes out there. You can look great without breaking your budget.

E.L.F. has plenty of great brushes that get the job done and apply makeup evenly so you look good without having to pay high-end prices. There’s no need to sacrifice quality when shopping for Walmart makeup brushes. Here are five top-rated makeup brushes from E.L.F.


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E.L.F. Selfie Ready Foundation Brush, $6
This highly rated, ergonomically shaped foundation brush from E.L.F. distributes makeup evenly with a buffing process for a soft-focus, filter effect. The dome shape of the brush is designed to be similar to your fingers for blending and contouring around the angles of your face. Use it with foundation, concealer, cream, liquid or powder products. The Selfie Ready Foundation Brush blends and blurs makeup to give it a smooth effect that is great for getting you camera-ready.


E.L.F. Eyeshadow “C” Brush, $3
No makeup brush collection would be complete without a brush for applying eye shadow. The Eyeshadow “C” Brush by E.L.F. is a medium-sized brush that gives you precise control for blending out your looks. It helps you create the perfect smoky eye, and the brush can be used with either dry or wet shadow.

To get a smoky eye effect, put the tip of the bristles on the outward corner of the eye and sweep the eye color in a “C” shape from the lash line upwards. Be sure to blend the color inwards for more definition.

E.L.F. Flawless Concealer Brush, $3
The Flawless Concealer Brush enables you to create a flawless airbrush effect with any liquid or powder concealer. The brush’s unique rounded shape is perfect for letting you contour and create buildable coverage.

To use, just dip the brush into your concealer and apply using small tapping motions in the area that you wish to conceal.

E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush, $6
Whether you’re using it to apply bronzer, setting powder or blush, the E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush helps you create a streak-free, flawless look with its unique shape and ultra-fine synthetic and vegan-friendly fibers. It fits easily into the contours of the face for blending. Use this by applying powder, cream or liquid to the brush and blend using large, circular motions.
E.L.F. Small Tapered Brush, $3
A must-have for contouring or highlighting, the E.L.F. Small Tapered Brush works with precision to reach crevices. This budget-friendly makeup brush can be used with powder to set under the eye or with bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks to contour. Use with foundation when you want to achieve a light finish, or with highlighter when you’re going for the strobing effect. When using this versatile brush with powdered products, use a dusting motion. To apply liquid makeup, stroke the brush using an upward and outward motion.

E.L.F. has a full line of brushes and applicators for a variety of makeup needs. They range in price, but all are value priced for those on a budget. By using the best cheap makeup brushes,you don’t have to give up quality. Walmart makeup brushes such as those made by E.L.F. are a great option for those who want to save money on beauty tools.

ManicureMonday: The Best Nail Art of the Week

Mani of the Week: Pretty Purple Nails ICYMI: Oribe, the haircare brand known for its luxe packaging and to-die-for products that smell as good as they work, launched a makeup line this past summer. And the products are every bit as glamorous as you’d expect. When we caught sight of this nail design by nail artist Cassmariebeauty, we practically fainted. The design captures all of the elegance and beauty of Oribe’s new nail polish line — and we want it on our fingers immediately.



Cassmariebeauty created this swoon-worthy nail art using Oribe The Lacquer High Shine Nail Polish, in The Nude and The Violet. Her inspiration for these lavish purple nails? Flocked wallpaper. For those who don’t speak interior design, that’s the plush, velvet-patterned wallpaper that was once reserved for homes of the wealthy. Cassmariebeauty plays on the intricate design with whimsical curvy lines and creamy, rich hues that feel 100 percent luxurious. Consider us obsessed.

Mani of the Week: Festive Gold Nails How does the saying go: Life’s about the little things? During the holiday season, that means festive touches, like twinkling lights illuminating the neighborhood, mistletoe dangling in a doorway … and seriously understated holiday nail art.

NYC manicure studio Paintbox (Paintboxnails on Instagram) created this glitzy and glamorous nail design for the holidays using Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Black Holy and Nars Iconic Color Nail Polish in Milos. The black tips add a striking contrast to the tinsel-inspired gold dots. The overall effect: elegant yet festive — perfect for any occasion from a gift-exchange brunch to a New Year’s Eve fete. All you need now is a glass of bubbly to rest your dainty digits on, and your holiday nail look is complete.
Mani of the Week: Colorful Nails Worthy of MoMA This week, we’re doing a little abstract thinking with this gorgeous geometric nail art that looks like it belongs alongside a Kandinsky.

Generally, we like to reserve bold designs for a single accent finger. But sometimes an artfully constructed nail design demands the limelight across all digits.

These Cubist-inspired nails use a broad color palette that balances light and dark, and bright and subdued, which is a must for the elaborate pattern. You can thank Olive and June for your nail envy, who posted these pretty digits as nail art inspo. However, the true master nail artist remains a mystery. Either way, accent nails only? Psh. Go ahead and rock a fist full.


Mani of the Week: Sophisticated and Simple Winter Nails We’ve officially made it through Thanksgiving, which means it’s finally socially acceptable to blast holiday music and keep “Elf” on a loop in your living room (no judgment — seriously). As we begin our foray into festive season, it also means we can trade in our fall nail polishes for something a little cooler — literally — by replacing the deep reds and earthy browns of autumn with the icy blues and stark whites of winter.

Bellacures created this minimal winter nail design using Essie Polish in Style Cartel and Barbados Blue. While we love over-the-top holiday nails as much as the next peppermint-mocha-toting gal, we can appreciate less on-the-nose winter nail art too. After all, with plenty of delightfully flashy light displays and ugly sweater parties in our future, we won’t be hurting for kitsch in the coming month. Instead, flaunt this understated blue nail design like the (snow) queen you are. We’d be willing to bet it’s Elsa approved.

Mani of the Week: Dusty Rose Manicure If there’s one thing we learned from countless hours of watching “Project Runway,” it’s that every successful fashionista knows the meaning of balance. Whether it’s dressing up a basic outfit with an eye-catching accessory, keeping bold prints in the same color family, or in this case, maintaining balance between cool and warm. Now, we may not be talking threads, but the rules still apply for this flower nail design. After all, nails make for some of the best outfit accessories.

Redlipstickmonster created this gorgeous 3D nail art, using a moody mauve and dusty rose polish that make the floral design completely wearable for winter. The rose-accented nail adds a touch of femininity, while the purple-grey polish keeps the overall look modern and cool. It’s a nail design even the sassy Tim Gunn would approve of. Want to try the look at home? Pick up OPI Nail Polish, in Hello Hawaii Ya? and My Very First Knockwurst.
You know those overly eager friends who go straight from Halloween to Christmas decor, and seem to forget the month in between? Sometimes nail art (and Starbucks cups) works the same way. While we’re not usually one to jump the gun for Yuletide cheer, we’ll make an exception for these subtly themed holiday nails. In our defense, the silver and deep red nails allude to the holidays without being overbearing about it. And they definitely work as an everyday fall and winter nail look, too.


Cassmariebeauty created these burgundy nails using Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie as a pretty substitute) — just in case you want to play copy cat. If rocking these merlot digits instead of pumpkin orange in November is wrong, we don’t want to be right.
What typically completes your look? A statement necklace? A flashy handbag? Maybe slinky stilettos? While our closet has plenty to offer, we believe a killer manicure can also majorly upgrade an ensemble — and these blue nails are the perfect fall-fashion accessory.

Chroma_nails created her Sunday morning manicure using Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please and Sand Tropez, and swiped on Essie Call It Even Top Coat to avoid chips.

The neutral polish combined with striking royal blue creates a nice, subtle contrast, and the clean moon-shaped design gives the impression you’ve got your sh*t together. If cobalt blue isn’t your jam, switch out the shade for a color more prevalent in your closet. *Frantically searches for black nail polish.*

Mani of the Week: Chic Halloween Nails When you think of Halloween nail art, you probably think of the typical ghoulish nails that feature Frankenstein, pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts and candy corn stripes. While those nail designs are perfectly acceptable for Halloween parties and trick or treating, raise your hand if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream and a little more chic this year?

Celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi created a modern, ghost nail design that is — pardon the pun — to-die-for. It captures the spirit of Halloween, while providing you with nails you’ll be happy to wear well after the holiday.

To create her version of a swirling ghost, apply Jin Soon Power Coat as your base. Next, decide which digits will feature your ghosts, as a majority of these steps must be completed while polish is wet (you’ll want to paint each nail one at a time). Once the base coat is dry, swipe on two coats of Jin Soon Nail Polish in Enflammée. While it’s still wet, apply a few dots of Jin Soon Nail Polish in Obsidian to the nails you’d like to get ghostly with. Repeat this step using Jin Soon Nail Polish in Doux. Working quickly, drag a striping brush through all three shades in a swirling motion to create the chic ghost (aka marble effect). Allow your fingers to dry before locking in your look with Jin Soon Top Gloss.

Mani of the Week: Chevron Nails Remember when we thought nail art was a passing trend? Each season, some beauty publication (ours, included) would proclaim that the fad was (finally!) over. Fast-forward a few years, and it’s become clear that nail art is less a flash in the pan and more a question of choice — like lipstick versus lip gloss. Some designs are way out there, while others are more minimalist. This bold chevron nail art, created by so_nailicious, falls somewhere in between.

To recreate the on-trend-for-fall maroon and rose gold design, try Say It With Polish Nail Polish in Birthday Suit, Late Night in the Office, and Wine and Shine (pictured here with a cheeky personalized message to all the haters out there).

Pro tip: Use nail art tape (we like Kiss Design Perfection Tip Guides) to get clean straight lines.

Mani of the Week: Glitter Cuticles New York Fashion Week inspired some seriously killer nail trends that are still being regrammed a month later — these gilded nails by Traceylee included. Her edgy nail design, created for the Rodarte 2017 Spring Runway Show, thinks outside the box (or nail rather) with gold glitter polish that runs along the cuticle line. “I’m calling it a ‘gold chain detail,'” Tracylee said backstage.

Partnering with Morgan Taylor, Tracylee created this nail design using Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in New School Nude and Glitter & Gold.

To recreate it, first apply rubbing alcohol along your cuticles to get rid of oil and dirt. This will help the polish stay longer (think one to two days max). Next, apply a base coat to your nail (try Morgan Taylor React Base Coat). Once dry, swipe on your nude polish and allow your digits to dry. Last, use a thin brush to apply Glitter & Gold (or any other finely milled glitter polish) around the cuticle. Voila: pretty, understated party nails that sparkle from across the room.

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